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Optimize Content, Webdesign, Usability, and Performance


SiteScale is an effective analysis tool that continuously collects, structures, and analyzes feedback from your web users. The continuous collection of data gives you deep insight into your users' opinions and needs about your website's content, webdesign, ease of use, and performance. SiteScale helps you transform knowledge into effective action.

SiteScale enables your webusers to rate each individual page on your website in a simple and effective way. SiteScale collects large volumes of feedback and stores it in a database from which you can extract detailed reports.

SiteScale's reporting module makes it possible to continuously measure user satisfaction on your website, identify page specific problems, and optimize content and webdesign.


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  Receive Feedback from Your Web Users
- Quantitative Ratings
- Qualitative Comments
  Continuously Analyze Reports
- Reports on Web Page Level
- Reports on Web Site Level
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